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About Me

I WORK AS: Consultant & Researcher
INTERESTS: Quantitative Science Studies and Research Evaluation

With over 15 years of experience, I have worked with many stakeholders dealing with data, analytics and information in various industries. As Head of Customer Success at Clarivate Analytics, I collaborate now with Governments, Funding Agencies, Universities and Research Centers on a consultation basis to help them drive discovery and innovation in the MENA region. I also train individual Researchers on various scientific intelligence resources to enhance the quality of their research projects.

I’m also a Researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University in the Netherlands. My research interests include Quantitative Science Studies as well as Research Evaluation. I currently work on several Projects related to the state of Scientific Research in the Middle-East and North Africa region.

I joined Thomson Reuters in 2010 as a Solutions Consultant for the Middle-East North Africa Region. I first worked for the Financial and Risk unit of Thomson Reuters and then for the Intellectual Property & Science division.

I started my career at Allianz in Paris, working as a Healthcare Insurance Actuary. Later, I worked as a Project Manager for Credit Agricole Corporate Investment Bank in Dubai and then in Tokyo where I led several Business Transformation and IT/Software/Data projects.

I received my General Engineering diploma in 2006 from Ecole Centrale Marseille in France and my Masters of Sciences specialized in Applied Mathematics the same year from University of Provence.

Big Data, Data Science, Statistical Analysis, Data/Text mining.
Network Analysis and Cluster Analysis
Data Visualization and presentation
Business Intelligence
Applied and Computational Mathematics
Python, R, SQL, SAS, SPSS, VBA.

Consulting, Leadership, Business Analytics, Business Requirements, Business Transformation, Management Consulting, Strategy, Budgeting, Banking Softwares, Current Research Information Systems, Agile, Functional Testing, Local Development, User Acceptance Testing

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